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Friday, August 7, 2015

How To Retain Critical Talent?

One of the key aspect of Project Management is to retain critical talent. Within the resource management function a project manager needs to be very proactive to identify the top, critical talent and work towards their overall grooming and prosperity.

Here are the key steps that a manager need to take...

  1. Identify Top talent and Critical talent.
  2. Inspire them.
  3. Motivate them.
  4. Provide them the right environment to work. 
  5. Create Healthy Competitive Teamwork.
  6. Provide them them the right set of tools, technologies and training required.
  7. Provide them right feedback and direction for growth and learning.

After doing all of the above, if the critical talent still wants to leave and given the fact that he/ she is a top and critical talent then the manager needs to negotiate with them and if required with the company(HR) to retain them - this is a manager's job responsibility and he/ she is absolutely not going any far beyond what the project management job role demands.

This will ensure that the risk associated with attrition of critical talent is avoided/ mitigated. Thus business of the company and project revenue, margins, sustainability, credibility will be NOT be adversely impacted.

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