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Saturday, May 31, 2014

USA Visa Basics(L1A, L1B and H1B)

Before you start reading, if you have any basic questions like how many types of USA work visas are available? or Which work visa category is for which purpose? then please read this post USA Work Visa Types - All You Need To Know About USA Work Visas

Once you have clarify on the work visa types, please go ahead and read few basic rules on US work visas (USA Visa L1A, L1B and H1B): 

Normal rules for continuous stay in USA would be: 

On  L1B visa:  5 years maximum
On L1A visa: 7 years maximum
On H1b visa: 6 years maximum

If you were on L1B and you moved into L1A then L1B+L1A put together up to a maximum of 7 years.

If it was on L1B converted into H1B then it is put together L1 +H1B:  maximum 6 years.

If you were on L1A initially and then went into L1B for some reasons, then the total stay would be restricted to L1A+L1B = 5 years.

The above rules are applicable notwithstanding  the fact, even if you get an I-94 which has dates exceeding the above periods. For example, if you receive a fresh 3  years I-94, when you are entering US  at the end of your 4th year stay on L1B, because you entered through a Blanket petition, you would not be able to stay for the entire three years, but will need to leave the US when you complete the fifth year on L1B.

B)   if in between you have spent some time outside of US on a transfer/break/leave/vacation etc. then  such a period is recaptured to make it to five years. However, the total stay cannot exceed the above period in each category.

C) if in between you have spent physically more than one year outside of US,  then the you can start the clock fresh again. Meaning, you would be entitled to a fresh stay as per (A) above.  Please note if you have made any B1 short trips to US during this time, you would need to spend additional time outside, to cover up this period to make to a physical one year to meet the legal requirement.

 D) Please note if you would reach the 5th year of L1B sometime soon,   you should check up  for a change of status to H1b at least a year ahead of time

Note: The above visa information holds good for visa type conversions l1a and l1b, l1b to l1a, l1a to h1b.

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