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Saturday, May 31, 2014

How To Acquire 60 PDUs To Maintain PMP Certification

Important Update: PMP exam is changing in 2016

Maintaining PMP certification requires acquiring 60 PDUs in a 3 year cycle. All you have to do is plan your 3 year cycle so that at a later time you don't have to worry about PDUs for pennies or PDUs for dollars.

Here are few tips on "How to acquire the 60 PDUs to maintain your PMP certification" in a 3 year cycle. 

1. Category F - Work as a Practitioner

If you continue to work as a Project Manager for the 3 years of your PMP cycle you can again 5 PDUs per year for working as a Project Management Practitioner in Category F. That is total 15 PDUs in 3 years. Yes, you read it right, you get 5 PDUs per year just for doing your job(active project management).

2. Category E - Volunteer Service

Volunteer for training or mentoring a group of people in project management concepts. This can very well be achieved at your workplace. Make sure you maintain a track record of the training sessions conducted for producing proof of evidence when required. 8 hours of training per year will get you 8 PDUs per year, that is 24 PDUs in 3 years.

3. Category B : Continuing Education

Attend training or workshops on project and program management concepts. This can be classroom learning or online learning. Most of the corporate organization conduct such training programs on a regular basis so you wont need to pay from your pocket. 8 hours of training per year will get you 8 PDUs per year, that is, 24 PDUs in 3 years.

 If you follow the above, you will have 15+24+24 = 63 PDUs at the end of 3 years without spending a penny. All you need is 60 PDUs in 3 years, so you have 3 PDUs that you can carry over to the next cycle.