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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Santa Clara DMV Behind the Wheel Test - Useful Tips

Before you arrive for your “behind the wheel test” make sure you get your basics right:

1. Make sure you have good driving experience in California/ USA. At least, 500 miles of experience should be good.

2. Since you have scheduled an appointment for behind the wheel test you must have already got your learner's license few days back. Make sure you read the rules book again before you show up for the test. This is recommended so that the key rules will be fresh in your mind. For example, what needs to be done if school bus comes, what needs to be done if emergency vehicle shows up, what needs to be done if it rains etc.

3. For behind the wheels test you should use a car with which you are familiar. This will give you confidence.

4. While giving the test, just focus on driving and following the rules. Don't worry about what the examiner is thinking or doing or writing.

5. In the test, while driving, if you feel you have made a mistake then don't worry about it and dont allow it to block your mind. Focus on your driving and continue to follow the rules.

6. Before you show up for the test, make sure you know what are the major mistakes and what are the minor mistakes.

7. Try to practice on the actual test routes two days ahead of the actual exam date. This will make you familiar of the route, surroundings etc.

 Reference for santa clara behind the wheel test route:

Note: The above reference is for Santa Clara behind the wheel test route, similarly there is a different San jose DMV behind the wheel test route that you may want to google in case you are going to San Jose DMV