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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Do's and Dont's While You Are Visiting GOA

Some of the Do’s and Dont’s when you visit or travel to Goa…
  • Be prepared to spend atleast one day to just walk on the beach and soak in all the natural and human beauty
  • A massage means a massage, it doesn’t mean anything more. Forget all those massage videos that you have seen on the Internet, reality is different.
  • If you want something more than a massage then be prepared to shell out money. More than that you will need skills to hunt the girls down. Mostly outside or inside the happening clubs. But beware of the Russians like Cristine in the bollywood movie Dil Chahta hai.

  • When shopping follow the guy with best negotitating skills in your group. Tip: Artificial Jewellery can be bought at almost half of the price quoted by the seller.
  • When you rent a car or a jeep or a bike be sure to click pictures or even better shoot a video of the vehicle at the time of renting. This is to ensure that when you return the vehicle there is no argument about any damage done to the vehicle. Be prepared to raise your voice if required. Tip: Don’t fill a lot of Diesel or Petrol, you may actually end up not using it.
  • Travel light. Do not carry too many clothes but do carry the swim wear and beach sandals. If you are planning to visit casinos or pubs then you may want to carry formals.
  • Before you book the hotel ensure to read the ratings, if possible take feedback from someone who has stayed at the place in the past and can share real experience.
  • Do not forget to carry your driving license and one additional government id proof. Note that at many places the traffic cops will stop you and check your driving license.
  • If you are planning to booze nonstop then ensure that you have friends who will carry you back to the hotel. For those who do not drink beware that your drunk friends do not land you into trouble.
  • When traveling to and from railway station or airport ensure that you keep some buffer time in hand. For example, Mudgaon station is 40 KMs far from North Goa and it easily takes 1.5 hours to commute by Taxi. If there is a traffic jam you may risk missing your flight or train.
  • Do not smoke on the boat. Follow the guidance given by the lifeguards.
  • There are specific areas on the beach marked for watersports and for taking a dip in the water. Do not walk around dip into the area marked for watersports because the Jetski or the boat may hit you inadvertently.
  • Do carry some cash with you. The beach shacks do not accept card payment.
  • Last but not the least, in the middle of all the madness do not miss to capture the beautiful sunset.
Picture credits: Friends from SJC, Khandwa