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Saturday, August 19, 2017

How Much Do Amazon Flipkart Software Engineers Earn In India After 4-5 Years?

I first posted this as an answer on Quora, here is the link How-much-do-Amazon-Flipkart-software-engineers-earn-in-India-after-4-5-years. I am posting it here for the benefit of those who have not read it on Quora ...

First hand information received from someone working at Amazon India:
Fresher's 12 lakhs fixed + 3 lakhs stocks and 3 lakhs joining bonus
Senior SDE 22 lakhs fixed
SDE -iii 35 lakhs fixed + stocks
And so on an so forth each level has 10 lakhs delta
So principle SDEs get fixed of 60 lakhs + stocks
In addition here are some numbers from Glassdoor. This is not exactly for 4–5 years of experience but in general the various levels mentioned will give you a good idea.

I hope this helps. I also know someone with 2+ years of experience and a MS from US who was offered $125K per annum from Amazon at Seattle. So yeah if you are trying to compare your salary of a service based software/ IT company to that of a product based software company then you know the answer now.
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