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Sunday, January 11, 2015

11 Questions To Ask Before You Accept A Job Offer

Ask The Right Questions Before Accepting A Job Offer

Here is a cheat-sheet which will help you evaluate the proposed offer in the right manner and provide you the ability to make an informed decision.

  • Are you hiring me for a specific project or are you hiring me for a pool/ bench?

It is vital to understand whether you are being hired for a specific project or if you are getting hired for a pool and project will be assigned later.

  • What will be my role? and what will be my designation?

There is a difference between your role and your designation. For example, your role may be of a Project Manager but your designation may be team lead or project lead. Please make sure that you have clarity on the exact role and designation that is being offered.

  • What is the growth path?

Every organization offers a career path or a growth path. It is vital to understand the policies around growth, for example, some organizations want you to pass internal certifications or have policies around serving at a specific level for a certain number or years. Some organizations also offer fast track career growth if certain conditions are met.

  • What is the job location? Is it subject to change?

You should definitely check your joining location, city and country. Also check if there is a chance that the location may change in future, within or outside the country.

  • What are the working hours?

Some organizations offer flexible hours while others have very strict in and out timings. It is wise to check on these details before you join.

  • How much is the gross salary? How much is the net salary? What is the take home salary in hand after tax?

God is in the details so make sure you understand your pay structure. Some people don't look at the details and later they realize their mistake when they receive very less in hand salary than what they expected at the time of joining.

  • Which Project will I work on? What is the duration of the project? Is it a short term or long term project?

Double click your first assignment details. Find out as much as information as possible. Get the timelines of the project and understand the short term and long term implications.

  • What is the process to change projects with the organization? How does one move from one project to another? Is there any interview or selection process involved internally?

It is important to understand how does the organization function in terms of providing opportunities to its employees. You should understand the processes around moving from one job role to another or from one project assignment to another project assignment.

  • What is the pool/ bench policy of the company?

This is the most important question that you need to ask the recruiter or HR professional. Some organizations have very lenient bench policy while some organizations are strict. Make sure you understand these details before you make your career move.