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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Most Valuable Features In A Project Management Tool

What are the most valuable features in a project management tool?

- Create and maintain schedule

- Resource loading, Work break down structure, Dependency tracking at task level

- Identify Critical Path

- Cost Variance

- Schedule Variance

- Alert for Key Milestones

- Action Log(Automated alert for actions due)

- Risk Register(Automated alert for high impact risks)

- Issue Log

- Revenue Tracking

- Calendar for Schedule Management

- Templates and formats

- Reporting

Friday, August 8, 2014

How To Go Onsite?

Most of the freshers in IT industry often wonder :How to go Onsite? What is the skill needed? What do we need to do? What is the trick?

Ask yourself, are you ready? What does this mean? 
Let us look at an example, if your parents ask you "Are you ready to get married?" What is your response? How do you evaluate whether you are ready for getting married? That is the exact same process you need to apply when you ask yourself "Am I ready to go Onsite?"

Going Onsite is not a trick. It is a combination of your skill, hard-work and effective planning. Here are the few key steps that you need to take...

First things first, prepare and be ready with the documentation
  • Make sure you have relevant documents, passport and visa ready. Different companies have different policies to process various types of visas. You need to have an open mind and be ready to capture the earliest opportunity.

  • If you dream to go onsite, you need to work hard. There is no short cut. Be ready to spend extra hours at work. Be prepared to work hard.

  • Become an SME, that is, gain the status of a subject matter expert in your team. This will come only when you have the ability to learn and improve continuously.

  • Make sure you polish your Communication skills. This includes not only the spoken English skills but also the listening skills. This also includes your ability to connect with the customer and your ability to manage critical situations without getting tensed.

  • Visibility - Make sure that you perform well at offshore so that the client/ customer has complete visibility of your work and has confidence in you. Most people ignore this area. They work hard but they forget to put the right focus on gaining the visibility. Most of the times, you will need to step out of your area of comfort and do something more to gain the visibility and confidence.

  • Look for opportunities: Keep your eyes and ears open. Apply common sense and select the right project where you are aware of potential opportunities. Be very open in calling out to the management that going onsite is your top priority. This is absolutely fine.

All the best.

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