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Saturday, March 5, 2016

L1B Visa Interview Experience

L1 Visa Experience/ L1B Visa Interview Experience/ Guidance

Thank You Nitesh Vanwari for sharing.

Before appearing for L1b visa interview it is extremely important for the L1b visa aspirants to get some real feedback on the L1b visa experience of candidates who have appeared in the L1b visa interviews in the recent past. Especially understanding the L1b visa interview questions will help them a lot for interview preparation.

Session 1: Biometrics Appointment.
Fingerprint scan, retina scan and photo session.
Less than 30 mins session.
The authorities just verify the below mentioned documents under do’s.
They ask general questions like name, place of residing, type of visa applied for, etc. while taking the fingerprints and photo.

1. Carry your DS-160 confirmation along with Appointment confirmation and valid passport.
2. Reach the venue 30 mins prior to your appointment.
3. Be in a proper attire as the same photo will be on the passport once visa is approved.
4. For Males: Be clean shaved, a good formal attire. Attire goes similar for females and avoid heavy make ups.

1. Do not carry any metal objects, phones, laptops as they don’t allow them inside the embassy and time goes in depositing them at lockers.
2. Do not wear finger rings or have any bruises/cuts on fingers as it creates problem in finger prints.

Session 2: Interview Appointment.
Main session of the L1B visa.
Many security checks and heavy queue.
Includes all the verifications of the required documents and the things not to be carried inside the Consulate office.

Do’s/ Don’ts:
1. Reach the venue 45 mins prior to your appointment.
2. Keep all the documents in a white transparent folder and drop in the tray before proceeding for metal detection.
3. Do not wear any leather belts, wallets as they again leads to more manual checkup after the metal detections.
4. Good facility of lockers just outside the Consulate office for mobile, wallets, etc.
5. After going through first check keep the below documents handy for pre-consulate verification :
I. 3 copies of I-129S.
II. Appointment letter confirmation.
III. Demand Drafts handed by the company.
6. After entering the main building of the consulate the queue starts.
7. Our DD’s are taken and receipt for the payment is handed over to us.
8. Second queue is for more general questions like type of visa and right hand finger prints.
9. Third queue is for marking the passport after checking the fees receipt.
10. Final Queue for the main interview.
11. Do not get depressed or confused for whatever you have prepared for.
12. The Interviewer is very cool and calm person asking the questions.
13. Be totally confident and firm on the answers you give in first instance.
14. Do not change answers too quickly.
15. Think for a moment calmly and then give a final answer.

Questions asked during Interview

1.) What is your name?
Answer: My name is "Name Provided"
2.) Which company do you work for?
Answer:I work for Company Name
3.) What does your company do?
Answer: It is a MNC IT company which supports many technologies and have a good development of their proprietary tools.
4.) What is the employee count of your company?
Answer: Approx. 10000.
4.) What is your specialization?
Answer: We have a proprietary tool known as XYZ which is suite of multiple tools that we have implemented to develop the most enhanced and efficient ordering engine where customer can do configurations for the products and order them.
5.) What is your experience on this tool?
Answer: More than 3 yrs.
6.) What is your highest qualification?
Answer: Bachelor in Engineering.
7.) What is the purpose of visit?
Answer: For transition and implementation of the development of this tool at onsite and at clients place.
8.) Where will you work in US?
Answer:Provided Name of the company
9.) Will it be your own company office or client office?
Answer:  Client Office.
10.) Can the client purchase this tool?
Answer: No, it is not available for purchase, but can be modified and changed as per client’s requirement.
11.) Out of 10000 employees are you the only one who is having expertise on this tool?
Answer: yes.
12.) What will be the benefit of this tool?
Answer: A much enhanced ordering engine which will allow customers to do the real time configurations for the products and order them as per their requirement.

------------------------Interview Ends-------------------------
Out of the three I-129 copies, one copy and passport will be kept by the Consulate when the visa is approved. Remaining two copies are stamped and handed over to us for HR and company use.

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