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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PMP Exam Is Changing In 2016

Based on the global Role Delineation Study(RDS) for the PMP credential PMP exam is changing in 2016.

What does that mean?

The current exam format/ version will remain active until 11 January 2016. After 11 January 2016, only the new version of the PMP exam will be administered. If you are preparing for PMP exam on the current format, it may be important for you to schedule your exam before the changes come into effect.

The five domains of practice for the PMP remain the same. However, tasks within each domain have been modified, added, or removed. Changes include:

  • Addition of 8 news tasks
  • No changes to the 5 domains of practice

8 new tasks are:

Initiating the project:
Task2: Identify key deliverables based on the business requirements in order to manage customer expectations and direct the achievement of project goals.
Task7: Conduct benefit analysis with relevant stakeholders to validate project alignment with organizational strategy and expect business value.
Task8: Inform stakeholders of approved project charter to ensure common understanding of key deliverables, milestones, and their roles and responsibilities.

Planning the project:
Task13: Develop the stakeholder management plan by analyzing needs, interests, and potential impact in order to effectively manage stakeholders' expectations and engage them in project decisions.

Executing the project:
Task6: Manage the flow of information by following the communication plan in order to keep stakeholders engaged and informed.
Task7: Maintain stakeholder relationship by following the stakeholder management plan in order to receive continued support and manage expectations.

Monitoring and Controlling the project:
Task6: Capture, analyze, and message lessons learned, using lessons learned management techniques in order to enable continuous improvement.
Task7: Monitor procurement activities according to the procurement plan in order to verify compliance with project objectives.

Closing the project: No new task added

For exam content outline and details of the tasks, please refer PMI site:

Additional information:
Following is the percentage of questions from each domain that may appear on the examination:

Percentage of Questions on Test
Monitoring and Controlling

Total number of scored questions is 175
Total number of unscored questions is 25
Total number of questions is 200

Hope this helps.

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