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Friday, August 21, 2015

33 Great Habits and Fundamentals of Success

10 Great Habits one should follow daily to have a beautiful life

1. Walk - For 45-60 minutes/ day. Practice Yoga.
2. Read - Great books, for example "How To Win Friends and Influence People" and "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"
3. Think - Before you speak - Choice of words, tone, volume matter
4. Listen - With purpose, be ready and prepared to learn
5. Eat Healthy, Avoid Junk
6. Pray - Have a attitude of gratitude for the almighty
7. Share - Knowledge, Joy, Sorrow, Wealth
8. Try - New avenues, challenges unless you succeed
9. Plan - Every move of your life, not planning is recipe for failure
10. Care - For humanity, especially your near and dear ones

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23 neat fundamentals of success

  1. Work hard + Work Smart
  2. Be Disciplined
  3. Be Organized
  4. Learn how to communicate
  5. Learn how to negotiate
  6. Know when to speak
  7. Know when NOT to speak
  8. Don't just see, but observe
  9. Don't just listen, but pay attention
  10. Have an attitude for gratitude
  11. Dream
  12. Don't just Dream but Think
  13. Think
  14. Dont just Think, but Act
  15. Believe in Yourself
  16. Share Knowledge
  17. Help Others
  18. Set Goals
  19. Create Plans
  20. Be prepared to fail
  21. Be prepared to rise
  22. Learn to manage your personal finance
  23. Be ready to learn. Always. From people, books, audios/ videos, blogs, forums  - all the time, from all the possible sources