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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lesson Learned In Life

What do people learn in their twenties?

Early 20s:
People actually learn Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Engineering, Medical, Arts etc., that is stuff which helps them earn their daily bread.

Mid 20s: They learn basics of business, corporate culture, real hands on work, reality check with college girl friend/ boy friend etc. This is where you actually understand whether all those studies were important or not. That all that you studied for is either materializing or not.

Late 20s: Either you get married by this time or you are about to get married. Life is changing for ever. This is the time my friends you realize that all that matters in life is to take "responsibility" and "ownership" of oneself.  You also realize that all the advise you got from your parents was for good, all friends don't stick with you forever. Moving on is reality.

What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?

  • Your Job is more important than your Ego
  • Your Boss is more important than your Ego
  • Your family is more important than your Ego


  • Not learning the right skills to make money will make your life miserable
  • They never teach you to manage your personal finance in school/ college


  • 80% of your success in professional and personal life is because of the way you communicate and negotiate. Just 20% is skill based

  • If you are engaged in unplanned rut day over day for years then there are chances that you will do it for the rest of  your life. Without planning you are setting yourself for continuous failure which will keep you busy and fake you for success

No one is Indispensable
  • Whoever you are, Whatever you do, You are NOT indispensable. Sooner or later someone or other will replace you. You need to continuously upgrade your skills to remain in demand


  • You need to show Love in your action and not just in your words
  • Jealousy is a wasted emotion. You will not get anything out of it. People you hate are going to succeed; people you like are going to sometimes do better than you did. Your kids are going to be smarter and quicker than you are. Accept it with grace and move on

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