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Friday, November 27, 2015

New Year Resolution 2017 - Personal Goal Metrics

Happy New Year 2017.

Here are some 21 great new year resolution ideas, which generally don't last more than 21 days without self motivation and perseverance.

New Years and Birthdays are not about achievements but we still celebrate them. But have you ever wondered how much we actually achieve every year. In our sub conscious mind we may remember and cherish some of our significant achievements but most of us really don't have an organized way of tracking and measuring our personal goals. 

Looking at the bigger picture may not always be easy, for example, How much debt am I going to pay away? Can I afford another house? Breaking these bigger goals into small manageable chunks may certainly help.

New Year and Birthdays may serve as an important milestone to track these personal goals and review our personal metrics. Some of us do this day in and day out at our work/ job so it may be very simple and effective if we utilize the same process to track our personal goals. 

Here is a sample tracker:

S. No.
Personal Metric
Year 2015
Year 2016
How many new friends/ contacts did I make?
Current Year Score/ Count
Target for Next Year
How many new places did I visit?

How many needy people did I help?

What skill did I upgrade/ learn?

Charity – Donation? Teaching? Social Cause?

Health – Improvement in the fitness cycle

Mentoring an employee/ student

Increase income by X percent

Increase investment by X

Adopt a good habit

Setting up a comprehensive metric plan for personal goal can help us track the personal progress each year. We can plan, execute and monitor as well take corrective action whenever required because at the end of everything we are answerable to ourselves for our personal growth.

This New Year, I am going to create a personal goal tracker for myself and track my progress in an organized manner. How about you? This may well be the best new year resolution for the year 2017 which at last will call for action. Hope this helps you too. Wish you all the best for your endeavors in year 2017 and beyond. Keep rocking!

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