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Thursday, December 25, 2014

How To Hunt For A Job After A Career Break

You may have taken a career break for any reason: family, medical, extended vacation, higher education. Here are some tips for those who find it hard to get a job after a career break:

  1. Be Honest - When you go back to the job market be honest with the reason for your break DO NOT cover up/ make up any reason which may sound better to the potential employer. Remember, honesty is the best policy and the chances of success are always high if you are genuine and honest.

  2. Remember your strengths - Remind yourself of your strengths. Recall all the good things that you have done prior to the break. Be positive and confident of your skills. DO NOT doubt yourself.

  3. Take a refresher course - Since you have taken a break, there are chances that the industry might have moved on with advances in new technologies and new concepts. You will need to get yourself acquainted with all the new trends. Best is to join a refresher course to get yourself on the same page with the competition.

  4. Use your network - There are multiple ways to hunt jobs in the modern internet age. Using your own network of people is the best way to go about it. Identify all your old contacts, friends, colleagues, consultants, customers etc. Float your CV/ profile and mention that you are back in the market and would appreciate their help. Use the social media to your benefit, tools like Facebook, Whatsapp groups, twitter, quora, blogs, linked in and job search websites should be used in an organized manner to hunt for the right job. Never underestimate any medium of communication. Use all of them to their complete potential.

  5. Be ready for negotiation - There are chances that you may need to negotiate/ compromise for getting the first opportunity after your break. Be ready to make the compromise. Remember getting the first opportunity is a bit tough so be flexible and grab it as soon as you see it. Once you are back in the game, it is just a matter of time that you make up for the compromise.

  6. Sell your skills - Remember the potential employer is looking for the right candidate who can do the job. Your career break is NOT a major road block as long as you are able to explain why you took the break, what all you have done prior to the break and how you have refreshed your knowledge and skill to keep up pace with the world. Remember in any interview, it is your ability to sell your skill that will matter. All the best.

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