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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolution Ideas for 2015

New Year is not just merely a flip of the calendar. It is not just about :What is that I want to achieve in the next calendar year?, but it is about matters of greater significance. An important milestone for us to review our lives. 

Every new year one needs to take a moment to pause and think:
What needs to change in the way I am leading my life?

So here is your moment of truth, make a positive move. 
Right here, right now.

Health Is Wealth - Walk 20 minutes per day

Have you contemplated a lot about being fit and healthy? but have actually done nothing to make it happen. Here is a simple idea, walk your talk. Yes, just walk for 20 minutes per day. Walking is one of the best exercises and 20 minutes per day should be a good start if you are lazy to hit the gym/ workout.

Manage Your Personal Finances - Invest an hour per week

Just earning money is not enough. One needs to be educated about managing personal finance. Make sure you keep dedicated time per week to look at your personal finances and analyze your financial needs. Plan accordingly. An hour per week should be a good be a good starting point.

Family Comes First - Dedicate one day per week

Are you a workaholic who finds it difficult to get away from work? This is your moment to change with a new year resolution. You work/ job/ business is important but make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones. One day per week of dedicated family time should be more than enough to get started.

Spiritual Connect - Connect with yourself for 15 minutes per day

One of the best new year resolution is to remind yourself that you need to connect with yourself. Self improvement is a continuous process. Spent sometime alone, every day. This may be the time you read a book or meditate or pray to the almighty or just think about yourself.
15 minutes per day will give you the much required kick.

Do it NOW - Live as if there is no tomorrow. 

Get into the habit of doing it now. Stop procrastinating.