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Monday, February 2, 2015

Most Valuable Skill For Your Life


Ever wondered what is the most valuable skill for your life?

Many authors around the world have written about a lot of skills which are extremely important. Many great speakers have spoken about a lot of skills which are essential for one to succeed in life. In this article we are going to focus on 4 such life skills: Courage, Humility, Commonsense and Presence of mind. We are also going to site some examples where these skills when combined together can work wonders because it gives us the much required life skill of having the "Confidence" to do things right.

1. I Love You

Most folks just wait and wait for all their life but don't speak these golden words. Don't waste your time predicting the result. Don't let the feeling of rejection become an obstacle. If you feel it, if you mean it, have the confidence to say it. Life is short and there is nothing more important that expressing the feeling of love to the one you love. Do it and do it right now.

2. I made a mistake, I am sorry (mean it)

Very few people have the confidence and courage to accept their mistake. Understanding and accepting your mistake is the first step towards improvement. Remember, when you say "sorry" you actually mean that you have learned the lesson and will not repeat the mistake.

3. I am in trouble, I need help

Be specific and ask for help when you are in need. It requires a lot of confidence to shed the ego and ask for a helping hand when you are in trouble. Have the logical sense that solving a problem at hand is more important than just struggling with the problem yourself by not asking for help.

4. I can make it happen

Remember, every problem at your workplace/ life has a solution. Eventually, someone will resolve it, sooner or later. So, have the confidence and the courage to say that you can make it happen. Don't think about the obstacles, don't pay attention to all those people who have refused to solve the problem just because the odds of success were very low. Believe in yourself and no matter what always back yourself by saying "I can make it happen".

Yes, you can become extremely confident if you can develop the skill to apply courage, humility, commonsense and presence of mind in day to day life. Take a step forward today by applying these skills in your day to day tasks. You may not get the results on the first day but you will definitely emerge as a winner if you are consistent in following these tips.

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