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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Top Ten Things To Experience in Life

Understanding the pain your parents went through

1. When you become a parent, experience the joy of it and at the same time close your eyes and visualize how your own parents might have felt and experienced each day when they raised you. This is an eye opener.


2. Help someone with no intent to get anything back in return. Give away generously. Life is not always about give and take.

Moving on helps

3. Pull yourself together after a break-up and Move On. Love is the greatest feeling but letting it off and moving on is Life.

Taste Failure

4. Be part of a project or task that is not successful. Be sure to learn the lesson from the failure. The experiences gained from a failure help you become successful.

Lead from the front

5. Lead a project/ task to success. Work with passion and experience the joy of leading a project and team to success.

Be Grounded

6. Experience the joy of being grounded. Help your mom/ wife wash dishes. Helping your loved ones at home with daily cores is the greatest sign of caring and love.

Boss is NOT always Right, But Boss is still Boss

7. Experience the pleasure of having a great boss and the pain of having a lousy boss. Remember that it is you who needs to adapt to all kind of bosses and in the process become a good boss yourself.

Success is Temporary

8. Feeling of being successful and still having the common sense to understand that it is temporary. Enjoy the moment of your success but then remember that on a new assignment you again need to start from zero.

You are not the smartest of all

9. Experience the humble feeling when you first realize that you are not the smartest of all and that learning is a continuous process.

Contribute to make this world a better place

10. Experience the feeling of looking at hundreds, millions and billions of people around you and realizing that how much/ what more you can do to make this world a better place.

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