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Monday, February 9, 2015

Some Things Which Look Simple But Are Difficult


We know that exercise/ workout is important for good health. While it sounds simple to reserve an hour for exercise/ workout but in general many folks find it difficult to follow this religiously in their routine.

Being Organized

Maintaining a list of Things to do. Simple to start and difficult to maintain on an ongoing basis.


It is the fundamental step for one’s salary increment. Ironically, most people consider it as a pain and ignore it till the last minute.

Managing your e-mail box

Deleting the old/ unwanted e-mails and/ or Deleting the unwanted photos/ videos from your electronic gadget seems simple but generally people end up having a huge backlog.

Updating your Resume

Profile Update : Keeping your CV or Resume updated: Sounds simple but in general but most of us find ourselves too busy to update our profile regularly. Leaving it to the last minute unless we are forced to search a job.

New Year Resolution

Every new year, people make tons of resolution only to forget within no time.

Meeting Etiquette

o   Attending meetings “on time” and leaving/ closing meetings “on time” sound simple but is extremely difficult to handle in the real world.
o   In general most people find it difficult to capture and communicate the notes of any meeting on an e-mail.