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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Solve The What To Do In Life Puzzle

Identify your strength, comfort area and liking

Your chances of succeeding in life are greater if you identify what works for you versus what does not work. Every person is unique in their own way. Everyone has certain strengths/ comfort area/ liking. It is very logical to capitalize on your strength rather than asking others for advice.


Observe people, observe behavior, observe the way tasks are done, observe the way work gets done, observe everything. Observe everything with a purpose, a purpose to learn.

Learn from the success, failure, mistakes of others

There isn't enough time for us to try and test every other thing by our own. If we try and see whether a particular thing works for us then we will need a hell of time and efforts and it may not be enough. So get into the habit of learning from mistakes, failures and success of others.

Know whom to ask for advice

Understand that not everyone has enough knowledge, information and experience to provide you the right advice. So whenever you are in need, reach out to the right person, the right expert to show you the right direction.

Remember the most important lesson of your life was never taught to you in your school/ college

Most important lesson of life is understanding "How to manage your personal finance". Unfortunately, none of the schools, colleges ever teach this subject. The day you become adult you should understand the value of money and its importance in all aspects of life. Not only that, you should also understand how to manage the finances on an ongoing basis. Remember if you don't manage your finance well then you will have to struggle all your life to tie the ends.

In summary, all of the above skills are required in the right proportion to make one understand what to do in life.