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Saturday, February 28, 2015

7 Tips To Succeed In Job Interviews

Research: Whenever you apply for a job interview, the first thing you should do is to research about the prospective employer. Find out key information like history of the company, what is the core business of the company, what is the business model, key clients or end customers, product line, geographical locations etc. This is very basic research which will help you get confidence to answer any generic questions about your prospective employer.

Job Description/ Profile: Find out the details of job profile and/ or the role and responsibilities that is at stake/ offer. Find out why is the company hiring? what are they looking for? what would you need to do if you are hired? Knowing these details will help you create your CV/ resume inline with the job profile.

Selection Process: Before you appear for the interview find out the selection process. How many rounds of interviews will be conducted? Are there any technical rounds? Are there any written tests or live demonstrations? Gathering this information will help you prepare better in advance.

CV/ Resume: Make sure your CV is created in a professional manner. Take help from an adviser if required. Your CV gets scanned in less than 30 seconds and there are chances that it may get rejected if the right skills and the highlights of your profile are not mentioned at the right place and in the right manner in your CV.

Confidence: Confidence is the key skill when it comes to passing an interview. Make sure you are not nervous and are in supreme confidence. You should answer all questions with confidence. Even if you don't know the answers the way you respond should give the interviewer confidence that you will be able to learn and scale up to the expectation.

Attitude: Most employers will test your attitude by means of psychometric tests. They may ask you several questions that may test how positively you assess a given situation and how do you respond to complex scenarios. In general positive attitude helps you build trust and long term relationship with employer.

Listening Skills: Your ability to listen carefully and paying attention to the details is another key skill required to succeed in job interviews.Some questions are trick questions and your ability to listen carefully before responding will help you a lot. Make sure you ask for details if the question is not clear to you. Do not assume anything on your own. Also, always take a moment to pause and think before you start answering. Don't be in a hurry.

Following the above tips will help you plan better and prepare in an organized manner which will increase the chances of success. All the best.