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Friday, May 30, 2014

What are the ways one can make money besides earning a salary?

Part time work options:

- Use your hobby to write your blogs and publish your blog to monetize
(For example share tips and experiences on gardening, cooking, places to visit, trekking etc)

- If you have a blog or a website, you have also start affiliate marketing for other major websites like, hostgator, flipkart etc

- Use your hobby to create short videos and publish these videos on to monetize, you may start your own channel as well

- Freelancing/ part time jobs based on your skills, be careful while selecting the websites

- Conduct Tuitions/ Trainings based on  your skills - In person or e-tuitions

- Write small stories, novels, books and publish electronically on amazon

- Take up Data entry jobs online, be careful while selecting the websites

- If you can draw and paint then you can create and sell your drawing/ paintings

Investment options:

- If you have some money to invest then buying and selling property is a very good option

- Invest in mutual funds

- Invest in bonds/ shares/ derivatives

- Invest in fixed deposits, small saving schemes

Small Business:

Look for options to start a franchise, these days there are numerous local, national and international options available. You can choose based on  your interest and financial readiness.