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Thursday, May 29, 2014

New generation Hindi Movie Formula

As they say Success has a formula, once you know the formula you just need to repeat that formula. While past year greats like Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra have all been targeted for making "lost and found" formula movies, here is a look at the new generation movies and their formula/ framework.

Here are few examples, just look at the similarities:

Rakesh Roshan Movies:

Prior Interval : Central character is not powerful and is taking the heat.

Interval : Now something needs to happen to make this character different/ powerful.

Post Interval : Becomes powerful.

Examples: Kishen Kanhaiya, Khoon Bhari Maang, Koyela, Kaho na pyar hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Krishh, Garam in June(I mean Karan Arjun).

Rajkumar Hirani Movies:

Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage raho Munnabhai, 3 idiots

Start with a dramatic scene, followed by a title song.

Story revolves around one central character who is trying to do something different to help people:

Munnabhai MBBS - Dutt trying to heal people with humanity
Lage Raho Munnabhai - Dutt trying to solve peoples problem with Gandhigiri
3 Idiots - Amir Khan helping friends to chase their dreams.

One hit dialogue repeatedly used - Jaadu ki jhappi, Gandhiri, All is well.

Subplots with emotions :
Jimmy Shergil is seriously ill - eventually dies,
Jimmy Shergil is taxi driver who wants to commit suicide,
Sharman Joshi - suicide attempt.

A movie called ...3 friends ...made twice with different names
( I mean, Dil Chahta hai, Zindagi na milegi dobara)

3 characters.

1 is hero : Amir in Dil Chahta hai, Hrithik in JNMD - Main heroine isi ko milegi.

1 is going to add light moment : Saif Ali in Dil Chahta hai, Ahay Deol in JNMD - Confused with Love, marriage.

1 is serious : Akshay in Dil Chahta hai, Farhan in JNMD - Emotional Character

Hero aur Serious character ki aapas mey nahi bangegi (for some reason)

Amir V/s Akshay.

Hrithik V/s Farhan

Light hearted character will be the middle man (Saif, Abhay)

Most of the time they will talk about friendship/ abstract things(sher o shayari).

In one movie they roam around in Goa and in the other one...they have budget so they will promote Spain Tourism.

Finally, adding Yashraj romances to the list

Just take a guy and a girl (actually male and female), let them fall in love and then have different permutations combinations. For example,

A) X loves Y marries Z. Then their children also have a love triangle of some sort which is difficult to remember.

B) X Loves Y, Y doesn't Love X. Y marries Z. Daughter of Y loves and marries X. Lol :)

C) X Loves Y, Y Loves X, Z Loves Y and goes insane to Kill X.

D) X and Y love each other. Sacrifice their lives for each other, get separated and finally meet in the end.

E) X and Y fall in love and marry after difficulties.

F) X and Y Love each other. X marries Z and Y marries A then X and Y try to workaround their marriage.

A) Kabhi Kabhi (B) Lamhe (C) Darr (D) Veer Jara (E) DDLJ (F) Silsila

Then there are others like Karan Johar and Kunal Kohli who follow the same combination of X and Y.