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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Five Focus Areas For Onsite Offshore Delivery Model

Most delivery projects in the global IT setup are executed in a dual or multi-shore model. This requires the team to be located at multiple locations, that is, in more than one city, more than one country and also in different timezone across the globe.

Fundamental driving factor of this framework is the need to provide 24*5 or 24*7 coverage with follow the sun model. Customer and client organizations want the IT service providers to have distributed teams with key subject matter experts at all locations. This is imperative to cater to the business need of continuous support.

This is an exciting model which provides immense growth and business opportunities to the IT service providers, however there are certain challenges which are intrinsic to the model and it is advised that all IT providers plan proactive risk mitigation and avoidance strategies in their service delivery operations.

Here are the five key focus areas for the Onsite Offshore delivery model:

Continuous information exchange

Since the team is based out of multiple locations, it is critical to ensure that all team members are updated on the latest operational information and system changes.

Placing Right Individuals In The Right Roles

Customer facing roles are critical. It is of prime importance that right individuals are placed in customer facing, engagement management and leadership roles. This will determine long term success of the overall service delivery model.

Building Synergy

Building synergy between the onsite and offshore teams is critical. There may be scenarios where the team members don't get along with each other or there may be jealousy or other issues, hence it is very important that the leadership brings in the feeling of integrity and the feeling of one team which is essential for success.

Equal Opportunity

Few things can be learned only by experience, so it is essential that all team members get equal opportunities. Rotating resources between onsite and offshore may be one of the key aspects to groom talent and providing everyone equal opportunity to get the right experience.

Understanding The Pain and Challenges

While onsite team is exposed to customer they have to face the heat in the difficult times. Most of the times they need to cover for the mistakes done by offshore team. On the other hand offshore team always depends on the onsite team to get latest information and system updates. They may have infrastructure or logistics challenges too. Understanding the challenges of each shore and planning risk mitigation is a very critical aspect for success.

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