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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Secrets Of Doing A Little More Everyday

How to do more everyday?

Block a golden hour for yourself

Everyday dedicate one hour as a golden hour for yourself. This should be your personal time. Generally the time after your wake up is the best time to reserve for yourself. Utilize this time to nourish your mind and body. You may choose to go for a walk or read a book, you may opt to exercise or listen to a motivational video, you may choose to jog or just meditate/ indulge in yoga. Focus on what you like and practice it everyday.

Block your outlook calendar for personal time

At work, if you get lot of meetings invites and feel that you dont have personal time to concentrate on your own work then you need to block out sometime for yourself. One simple way to do this is to block certain time on your own outlook calendar. If you do so then the people sending you meeting invite will see that time as 'busy' and hence save you some precious time.

Email Management

Are you receiving hundreds of emails everyday and don't know how to manage them?

One of the most important things is to follow 23 Email Etiquette Rules All Professionals Should Know. Some other important tips are:
(a) Act on every email when you read it for the first time. Try not to open an email more than once. For example, when you first open an email you can choose to delete it or forward it to someone for action or reply to it and close it. Keeping it pending for some other time means that you will again invest lot of time and energy on the same email.
(b) Do not distract yourself by reading emails every now and then. Turn off that pop up that shows up everytime a new email arrives. Dedicate a fix time for reading and responding to emails. Keep an email hour or schedule for yourself.

Avoid distractions

Do you have people/ your staff/ colleagues/ stakeholders walk over to your desk and ask you for two minutes of precious time? These are distractions unless it is a really serious matter or serious escalation. Use this tip: When someone asks you for two minutes tell them that you are super busy right now and if they approach you at a later time then instead of two minutes you can give them ten minutes. Believe me, fifty percent of the people will not approach you at a later time.

Avoid unnecessary breaks

Dont take too many breaks or avoid unnecessary breaks. With every break you tend to lose continuity of work and/ or thought process. While some breaks are really important to keep you fresh but too many breaks can have adverse effect. Also avoid back to back meetings. If you have one meeitng after another then you may tend to lose focus and may forget important outcomes or actions if you have not taken meeting notes properly.

Your Smart Phone is only as smart as you are

Are you just using your smart phone for basic apps like Whatsapp or Emails?

If this is the case you are not using Smart features of your phone. A smart phone behaves smart only if you use it for making your life simpler and better. For example, you can use Aggregator apps like Flipboard and offline reading apps like Pocket. You can also use apps for keeping up pace with the industry, for example, apps for Mckinsey, Gartner and HBR are very useful.

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