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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Growth vs Negative Attitude At Workplace

At workplace, how to avoid the negative attitude...
  • If you an IT analyst:Don't just solve support cases/ tickets, learn to solve problems
  • If you are a software developer: Don't just write code, learn to apply logic in more than one way
As a professional...
  • Don't just learn to speak good english, but understand how, when and where to speak/ when not to speak
  • Dont't just take notepad and pen to meetings but learn to take important meeting notes
  • Don't just take meeting notes, but take action on the points noted
  • Don't just assume, learn to identify the different between facts and opinions. If you assume you create an ass out of you and me: ass/u/me
  • Don't just expect others to listen to you, develop good listening skills yourself. Wait for others to complete their sentences before you start speaking yourself
  • Don't take others for granted. Everyone including your collegaues, boss, family members and friends have certain implicit expectations from you. While you may not be able to meet all expectations of everyone it is wise to atleast understand the implict expectations because the basics expectations are never spelled out explicitly
  • Don't be inconsiderate about others. Apply commonsense and logic in your behavior. For example, at work, do not use meeting or conference rooms without booking explicitly. Do not overbook meeting rooms. Do not ask people to wait outside the meeting room if your meeting time is over. When you get into random quick discussions make sure that you are not distubring others by talking loudly or pulling their chairs or overcrowding the workplace. These are simple things but matter a lot.
  • Don't be afraid of sharing or taking additional responsibility. By doing the same work over and over again you are limiting yourself to the same position/ level. Remember that in your professional life you will grow only when you work hard and show that you are ready to go to the next level

Cribbing about problems at workplace is a common practice these days. Talking about the problems at work is fine, seeking advise is also fine. Sometime this is required to destress yourself. However, understand that irrespective of the job role that you perform, work pressure will always be present. It may just vary a bit with your job/ role or be present in a different form or shape. But it is always there. Overall one should have a open mindset to treat problems as challenges and focus on solving the problems rather than finding problems in the solutions.

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