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Friday, April 1, 2016

17 Tips To Act Smart At Workplace

How To Act Smart At Workplace?

Here are some tips:

  1. Dress professional.
  2. Speak professional, avoid loose talk.
  3. Think before you speak, don't blabber whatever comes to your mind. Read Six Sins Of Communication
  4. Don't speak too fast. Speak at a rate which other people can understand.
  5. Listen to people. Don't interrupt when someone is speaking. Wait for them to complete and then start speaking.
  6. Be curious, ask the right questions.
  7. Be confident, feel confident, appear confident.
  8. Carry yourself with a purpose. When you walk in the room people should get a feeling that you are in control.
  9. When you have not understood certain concepts then say that you have not understood. Don't assume.
  10. You should also ask the speaker to elaborate and/ or provide more details if required
  11. When attending a group meeting on phone make sure to mute your phone if you are not speaking.
  12. Before you hit the send button, run a spell check or grammar check on all emails or documents that you write/ create
  13. Always respond to meeting invites with either acceptance/ decline or tentative message
  14. Never walk into a meeting without a notepad and a pen or a laptop/iPAD/ Tablet to capture key meeting notes. Don't trust your memory to remember and recall everything later
  15. Before you accept a meeting invite understand the purpose of the meeting and what is expected from you during and after the meeting. Never go unprepared.
  16. If you work at a client location always remember the difference between your employer and your client. Each one has their own business priorities and you need to be logical to follow both of them based on situation.
  17. At most workplaces the business language is English. Make sure you follow the business language of your organization. Avoid using local language at work place.
Last but not the least, don't shy away from hard work. Most of the times it is required to be both smart as well as work hard. Being smart or appearing smart is not an alternate to hard work.

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