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Saturday, April 23, 2016

How To Survive In IT Industry?

Every year thousands of folks graduate from engineering colleges and universities with specialization in various IT skills. Most of them are able to find a decent job to start with but over the years when they gain experience only few of them are able to climb the ladder of success and career growth. Most of them get stuck with the same job profile doing the same work time and again. Because the supply of junior resources or low cost resources is increasing every year there is a lot of pressure on the senior resources to either move up the ladder or get replaced. So the burning question for every 5+ years experience IT professional is "How To Survive In IT Industry?" 

Let us understand how...

There have been many changes in the world around us, specially in India eCommerce is becoming extremely popular but that does not mean that the small retail grocery stores(Kirana shop in hindi) are getting closed. Another big change, for example, is the revolution that Uber and Ola are bringing to the transport industry but that does not mean that Autorickshaw and public bus transport is getting closed.

So the old way of doing things will not die but definitely it will get impacted. Need of the hour for the old and small businesses is to innovate and find out their own USP for survival in the ever changing market. For example, local stores have the opportunity to make personal connect with the customer, make the customer feel at home and provide delivery of goods in minutes of receiving the order on phone.

So, in similar context will the old be able to survive in IT industry? The answer is straightforward and simple: Yes

What is more difficult is to answer the question: How will they survive or what do they need to do to survive? Here is what they need to do:
  • Keep your eyes and ears open. Look around for opportunities. Be ready to make things happen for you rather than waiting for things to happen to you
  • Be ready to re-skill and up-skill
  • Core technical experts need to learn the latest of the technology and master it at a very fast pace. Learning is a continous and never ending process
  • Non technical people should be prepared to take newer role and responsibility in people and talent management or in business analysis/ domain consultancy
  • Relocation or migration to client locations may be another important aspect for survival
  • In real world just upskilling may not help it needs to be combined with hands on experience, this means that there will also be a need to invest some money on training and live project experience
There are many such small changes that the old folks will need to bring within themselves the most important of them will be developing the right attitude towards accepting change and being open to learn. Treating the younger generation as competition and pushing oneself beyond the limits is equally important.

You may also want to read a book what got you here wont get you there by marshall goldsmith it teaches you how successful people become more successful