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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

4 Great Examples Of Presence Of Mind

Most folks wonder how to improve presence of mind? or how to develop presence of mind?
Some people also appear for the presents of mind or presence of mind tests and fail miserably.
First let us understand the meaning of words:
The presence of mind definition or presence of mind meaning is pretty straightforward.  Presence of mind is your tact sensitivity in a given situation, this is a key aspect of your personality. You can avoid lot of stress and unnecessary hassles if you are on top of your mind and do some small things in the right way.

Here are few examples:

Be Careful with Cash Transactions

When you make any monetary transaction in cash
 if you need to pay $80 in cash and you take out a $100 bill then while handing it over to the receiver utter these words or something similar "Here you go, I am giving you $100".

In India:
if you need to pay Rs 80/- and you take out a Rs 100/ note then  while handing it over to the receiver utter these words or something similar "Here you go, I am giving you Rs 100/-"

How does this help?
The above are just example of small denomination. If the transaction is in cash and the amount is considerable(not every small) then uttering the words will help you and the receiver remember exactly  how much amount was handed over. This will help avoid confusion in situations when either you or the store owner is in a hurry or if either party is absent minded while the currency was being handed over.

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Be Careful When You are Put on the SPOT

In your professional life, you will be in situations where you will be put on spot. Be Careful. Don't Panic. Retain/ Maintain your composure and your balanced state of mind.

For example, if you are a manager and your boss(senior manager) calls you and asks you who is the worst performer in your team? Don't be pressurized to give an answer. Ask your boss the reason why he is asking this question. Understand his perspective, then ask him for some time to think over it. It may be few minutes or an hour, but it always helps to buy some time. This way you can do due diligence with your immediate team members and understand the consequences before you share any name.

Another example of presence of mind while negotiating is given below:

Boss: This is the maximum salary(X) that we can offer you for this transfer.
Me: No, I need, X + (50% of X)
Boss: Are you crazy? that is not happening, you know that's too much to ask
Me: I know, If I need a revolver, I need to ask license for a War Tank
After sometime, negotiation for the role...
Boss: For this project you need to report to Mr. X (here X was senior to me but X and me were reporting to the same boss)
Me: Boss, once you make someone captain of a team then later you cannot make him a vice captain.
Boss: What?
Me: Have you ever seen president of a country become a vice president? Once the expectation is set, it is set.
Got both, better salary and the right role, reporting.

Conclusion: Your ability to apply courage, common sense and tact sensitivity in a given situation are key factors which determine your presence of mind. This is one of the most important aspect of a persons personality. If you are focused and agile this skill will take you to supreme success in your career and life.

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