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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Take It Easy

Life Advice from a Shuttle Driver

Year 2012. I was working in US and was going through an interview process to move from one project assignment to another.  For a specific internal job opening,  I was called for an interview at least 4 times. I desperately wanted to get selected for this position. But each time I used to go over for an interview, the interviewer used to reschedule the interview giving some reason. I started to get frustrated because I did NOT have a car. I had to take company shuttle to move from one building to another building. It was very tiresome and time consuming, it also started to adversely impact my current project and day to day activities.

So when I was called for the 5th time, I wasn't in a particularly good mood, forget about motivation, I was actually in a state of mind that I should just get done with this process/ formalities with zero interest in either getting selected or rejected. 

On my way for the interview, I boarded the shuttle. The shuttle driver was a lady, from her looks she looked like ~40 to ~45 years of age. She started casual conversation with me. I shared few details of what I was going through. One topic led to another and in the process I realized that she drives that shuttle right from 7 AM in the morning to late evening. She has responsibilities of her family as well. She did mention that the job was tiring and takes a toll on her body but while narrating all the hardships she had a smile on her face. In no way was she complaining. In fact she also shared few things which stated that how important was this job for her and how it has helped her to support her family.

The entire conversation instilled the much required positive attitude in me. While I was about to get down from the shuttle she wished me good luck and said "Take It Easy". These last three words came as a jolt to me because before I boarded the shuttle I was very frustrated and negative. While getting down I had a changed perspective towards my own situation. I knew I had a bad experience in the past but all I needed to do was to "Take It Easy". I realized that with a positive and cheerful state of mind my chances of getting through the interview would be brighter. I smiled to myself, walked towards the interview room with confidence and passed the interview with flying colors.

Lesson Learned: Our state of mind is a key success factor in critical situations that life throws at us. If we don't panic and learn how to take it easy we have better chances to sail through. When life throws lemons at you, learn to make lemonade out of it.