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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This Appraisal Season...Have you learned the lesson?

In some IT companies it is that time of the year when an employee gets rewarded for his hard work done over the last year.Yes, the results of the annual appraisal will be out soon. All year long you have worked so hard to gain this reward, the reward of salary increment, the reward of promotion, the reward of bonus.

Have you got rewarded?
If Yes, that is Great! Congratulations!
If No, then don't be disheartened, just learn the most important lesson of your life and execute a plan to make it right the next year.

Here are some pointers:

1. Make sure to document all our achievements and accomplishments during the entire year so that you don't face any issues while filling the next year annual appraisal. You will have enough points to justify why you qualify for salary hike, promotion, bonus etc.

2. Make the right connects. Have you identified the key stakeholders or key decision makers who are going to play an important role in your appraisal? Have you made connects with them? Do they know who you are and what great work have you done in the current or last year?

3. Be wise. Learn to do things differently. Keep your eyes and ears open and look for "Problems" or "Issues". Why? Because that is where to you can go and make a difference. Identify a current problem, visualize what would happen if the problem is not resolved, that is, how big will it become in future? Then go and find a solution or options to solve it. Package the problem/ issues, solution and its benefits together. Now go and sell this BIG picture to the right stakeholder.

4. Update our resume.

5. Float our resume in the open job market. May be not for job search but just for knowing our market worth/ market value.

6. When you float your resume and get a response then appear for the interview. Do not skip it.

7. When you appear for the interview don't go unprepared. Prepare for the interview as if you are going to get hired for your dream job.

8. In case you fail in the interview. Receive the interview feedback in a positive way. Acquire knowledge. Upgrade your skills. Try again.

9. Once you get the desired offer. Negotiate.

10. Don't forget to assess yourself and identify the genuine reasons for your failure. Accept your shortcomings and work diligently to fix them in the real world.

11. Remember work is worship. Love your work, because that is what counts at the end of every appraisal cycle.

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