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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 Tips for Assessment Phase of An IT Project

Assessment phase of an IT project is a very critical phase where all the business requirements are captured and scope is finalized. This is a very challenging phase due to its fast track nature and at the same time we need to make sure we plan diligently so that there are no last minute surprises in the assessment phase.

So if you are in IT and you are going to start the assessment phase of a IT Project then you may want to consider following key points before you commence the Assessment:

- Clearly articulate the purpose of assessment in terms of objective of the assessment and the final deliverable of the assessment.

- Scope : Clearly articulate what is in scope and what is out of scope for the assessment exercise.

- Timelines : Start and End time of the assessment phase.

- Resources : Make sure all resources are identified and allocated prior to the start date. This includes resources from the client perspective as well. Without client commitment for resources you will not be able to do fair assessment.

- Manage Expectations : Make sure all the stakeholders and resources are aware of their roles and responsibilities. They should know what is expected out of them and the key dates on which they have any action item. This includes stakeholders from your team and from the client team as well.

- Templates : Make sure you agree with the client on the templates which will be used during the assessment phase.

- Reporting : Make sure get agreement from the client on the reporting needs. This includes daily or weekly reports.

- Documentation Sharing : Make sure you identify the platform to share documents with all stakeholders. It may be SharePoint, local network drive or any other medium.

- Time slots from key stakeholders : Make sure you block the time slots for each stakeholder ahead of time so that all critical stakeholders are available for the meetings.

- Final Presentation : Make sure you agree with the customer on the contents of the final presentation which will be a result/ final outcome of the assessment phase. Also, block time from all key stakeholders for the final presentation.