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Friday, June 13, 2014

Indian Football at #FIFA #Worldcup: How to take the big leap from #FIFA2014 to #FIFA2026?

Yes, #India is a #Cricket crazy nation with #Hockey as its National Game. In Hockey, we used to rule the past world for around 28 years, but today are struggling to even get a Hockey WorldCup semifinal berth. We are getting thrashed. But no one cares. If this is the state of our National Game then one can easily imagine the state of a game like football in India. We are nowhere, we got beaten up in the Asian qualifier round 2 by #UAE. And if there is no corrective action taken this would continue to be the status for next decades and decades to come. So is there anything that we as a Nation could do to take the BIG leap from #FIFA2014 to #FIFA2026? Let us think through it:

Government should take the initiative

There is so much frenzy about #Cricket and #IPL that every other game like Hockey, Football have taken a back seat. So there is a need for the Government of India to make and execute some serious plans for the organized development of these sports. Twelve years is a good enough time to make it happen. Target FIFA2026. Identify talent, build and provide international facilities. We do have a sports ministry to make it happen. Don't we?

Identify Young Talent

There are many talent hunt shows for identifying young singers and dancers on Television. There is a need to create similar talent hunt shows for young Sportsmen.

Corporates should come forward

Wealthy and rich sports groups #BCCI and corporates like #Tata, #Birla and #Ambani should contribute towards the organized growth for development of these sports in India. Isn't this a part of corporate social responsibility?

We the people

We the people should encourage our kids to play and participate in non cricketing sports. Constant nurturing from childhood would help the kids get trained well.

Nurture talent to participate in top foreign clubs

Whenever there is a super talent identified at a national level then there is a need to give international exposure to such sportsmen. There needs to be a organized channel to make it happen.

International Coaching and Training

Indian Hockey and Football players need top international coaches. Bring them onboard.
Indian Cricket has already produced many international superstars who can coach the Indian cricket team. We do not need international coach for Indian Cricket we need it for non cricketing sports.

These are just points on top of my head. There can be many more such doable suggestions, please feel free to contribute as your comments.

Hope that this new Indian Government will take some serious steps for the betterment of all sports. After all Good Times Have Come. Acche din aa gaye hain.