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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Spain Is Down But Not Out, It Will Rise Again!

A lot has already been said about last night's game. What a match for #Holland.
Amazing #Victory for them. Congratulations for a superb all round performance and victory.
Way to go...

Many folks are already writing off the defending champions just after one defeat. Well, agreed that it was a crushing defeat in the very first game but that doesn't mean that the world is over. What most of the folks don't realize is that this defeat might just be the wake up call for the Spanish Champions just about at the right moment.

#Spain has the talent, experience, courage and grit to rise from such defeat. They will Rise and Rise again, and once they do, they will be unstoppable. Champions teams are those who learn from their defeats and mistakes, who understand and learn from what went wrong and execute with corrective actions that need to be in place going forward.

I am sure Spain will analyze their defensive skills, attack plan and put an action plan in place to bounce back with a fighting spirit if they face this situation again.

A true Spanish Fan will stand with their team in these testing times. Millions and millions of fans all over the world will continue to support this champion team with the same enthusiasm and excitement in the coming games. It is just a matter of time and this defeat will be forgotten and be a thing of the past. All the best for upcoming game. Spain, You are down, but not Out. Show the world that you will Rise Again!