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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Safe Checklist For Travelers

Here is a very important checklist for safe travel:
  • Whenever you book a hotel online: Don't assume that the confirmation number or booking reference number provided by the website is enough. Before you start your travel, always call up the hotel to make sure that your reservation/ booking is confirmed.
  • If you are planning a trip to visit multiple cities then try and make sure that you buy a end to end travel package by a single travel agent. Avoid engaging multiple travel agents for specific portions of the trip or buying a partial plan and then planning to manage certain things on your own.
  • Looking for genuine deals is fine but don't ignore other aspects of the travel. Always read the reviews and experiences of other travelers or users on the website.
  • When the website says Day1: Travel to place A and Day2: Travel to place B then there is no guarantee that it will happen in that order. The travel agent may change the plan to Day1: Travel to place B and Day2: Travel to place A. Be careful and ask for details.
  • Carry a map of the pickup and drop off points. This is important when you are traveling to a city or a place that you have not visited earlier. You should exactly know where you are going to be dropped or picked up from, it is helpful if you print the walking or driving directions from google maps.
  • You should also have the local transport details handy, lets assume you are visiting New York then you should have the phone numbers of some of the taxi services or rent a car service handy. It really helps a lot when you are stuck and don't know where to go.

Important Checklist for Travelers


- Passport
- Govt. ID
- Photographs(passport size)
- Important phone numbers noted on a piece of paper. Don't rely on your cell phone
- Try to memorize the important phone numbers. Neither trust your cell phone nor the piece of paper
- Insurance
- Official Papers, like, visa papers, business letters
- Credit Card
- Cash
- Foreign Exchange
- Tickets
- Cell Phone network roaming plan, data plan
- Hotel Booking/ Confirmation number at destination
- Car/ Taxi booking at Source and Destination

Personal Belongings

- Pair of clothes to go out and to wear at home
- Medical Kit
- Personal Kit
- Cell Phone
- Cell Phone Charger
- Laptop
- Tablet
- Camera
- Headphones
- Laptop Bag
- Tiffin
- Keys
- Power adapter for destination country
- Network Cable