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Thursday, June 23, 2016

7 Proven Luck Making Principles To Boost Your Life

Do you sometimes feel that some friend or acquaintance of yours is very lucky? That is, this person is always present at the right place at the right time. That is, this person is extremely blessed to get everything that he/ she desires or aspires for? and that sometimes he/ she succeeds just because of luck and not because of his ability, efforts or hardwork. Yes, this is true, all of us meet such people around us who appear "Luckier" to us. But have we ever thought why these people are luckier? Are they doing something differently? Are they doing something more or taking some extra effort to "earn" their luck and that they are just not merely blessed or destined to win it without any effort.

In this post I am going to share 7 proven luck making principles to boost your life which will help you make your own luck, but before go there lets take this example:

When someone wins a lottery, people generally call him/ her lucky. Why? Because he was randomly selected out of the few hundred or thousand people participating in the lottery, right? But do you realize that even in this case it is not just pure luck or chance. Why? Because he made some efforts to think about buying a lottery ticket, then he actually selected a lottery company and invested some money to buy the lottery ticket, without doing these efforts he would have not won it in any case. So luck is not mere chance it is actually a combination of lot of factors and efforts made by individuals over a period of time. Let us understand more about what factors drive the luck making process...

  1. Learn to identify opportunities. Opportunities are always in front of you, it is up to you to identify and grab them. At times we look at some successful people and say "He is so lucky, he is always at the right place at the right time". Is that true? or Is it an excuse of telling yourself that someone was just successful because of some factors working in his or her favor and not because of any efforts/ hard work. Think again. Let us take example of a person who has won "Who wants to be a millionaire?" TV show. Is it just luck or a combination of efforts, hardwork, presence of mind etc.? Atleast this person made an effort to call up and register his/ her name for the show. Another example, when you were in school: how many times have you known the answer but not raised your hand in the class? or lets take another example, while attending a seminar, how many times you wanted to ask a question but you have stopped yourself from asking a question just because of no reason? All these examples mentioned above are of small opportunities which are always in front of you but it is upto you to take them or leave them. The ones who take them move one step ahead in the luck making process.
  2. Develop the front bench mentality. The meaning here is that one should always be ready to take initiative, never take back seat or be laid back. Your attitude is visible by the way you behave while doing simple things. Suppose you are going to attend a seminar or a conference or an all hands meeting. When you reach the auditorium where do you sit? Do you sit towards the end of the hall? or do you sit right in the front? Ask yourself why you always sit at the back? Is it because that is convenient for you to move out while the meeting/ conference is still going on? or Is it because you fear sitting in the front? Are you scared that the speaker will point at you and ask you few questions? The point I am trying to make here is that being laid back will never take you anywhere in life. If you are proactive and develop the habit to tak initiative then chances or odds of success increase. This is another step in the luck making process.
  3. People, people, people. Human network is the most powerful network. Developing the skill and ability to connect with people is another important in the luck making process. Your ability to network with people will increase the span of opportunities that you come across. For example, suppose you are hunting for a new project or a new job then your chances of success will depend directly on the number of people with whom you can share your profile/ CV/ Resume. This is pure networking. These days with the power of Internet and social media, virtual networking has become pretty simple but still your ability to connect with humans is the number#1 differentiator that will give you the edge over others.
  4. Dont shy away from hard work. You may develop some smart habits and find some shortcuts at times. But remember those smart short cuts are applicable only for those specific/ special scenarios, they are not applicable everywhere. There is no substitute for hardwork. Even if you get some fortune by chance, there is a possibility that you may blow it all over if you don't have the right work ethic and the attitude to work hard.
  5. Get rid of 'I will do it some day' attitude. Time is moving fast, time doesnt wait for anyone. So what are you waiting for? Don't develop a habit of telling yourself that you will start doing certain thing some other day. For example, don't tell yourself you will start investing money from next month, or you will start practicing meditation or yoga or a morning walk from next week, or that you will start writing your blog or practicing your hobby from next day or next week. Don't just 'dream' or 'think' or 'desire', get into the habit of taking action. If you wish to learn driving a car then dont tell yourself that you will start driving one fine day when all the signals on the road will be green. That day will never arrive. Just get into the action. Right place is here, right time is right now. Just go and do it.
  6. Care about people. One habit that will immensely help you get comfortable with people networking is your genuine ability to help people. If you develop a kind attitude towards helping other people reach their goal, then you yourself will receive that in return. It doesn't matter whether the person you are trying to help is your subordinate or your boss, it doesn't matter whether you are helping a poor or a rich, but what does matter is your pure intent to help without any expectations.
  7. Dont fall pray to false tricks. Last but not the least, don't fall pray to short cut methods or tricks. For example, do you get those emails or whatsapps messages which claim that you will receive great luck if you forward this email or whatsapp message to 10 or more people? What do you do when you recieve such messages? Do you believe in these messages? Can anyone really in this world get good luck by just forwarding emails or whatsapp messages? Please, please, please do not fall pray to these nonsense tricks. These are complete waste of time and nothing else.

All said and done, in summary the point I am trying to make is that in order to achieve success, there are factors which are in our control and there are also certain factors which are not in our control. It is really wise to focus on what we can control and take actions so that these factors work in our favour. This is the luck building process. At the end, always remember a quote from Samuel Goldwyn 'The harder I work, The Luckier I get'.

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