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Monday, March 30, 2015

Why Being Over-Polite Does Not Work

Here is why you need to be cautious with the habit of being over-polite:

If you do not use the right set of words and pass a critical/ negative message in an honest way, there are chances that the other person has not even understood his/ her fault or mistake. Hence, the person at fault will continue to make the same mistake again and again. 

So don't be over-polite use the right set of words when required. You don't have to be rude. But just be honest.

Also, if you are over-polite there are chances that it will backfire. The other person may misinterpret your politeness as your weakness. This may lead to further problems. 

For example:

At work: Your juniors will ...
  • Misinterpret your over-polite behavior as your weakness.
  • You will be taken for a ride. You will not be a successful boss.
  • You will not be counted and people will skip level and talk to your boss instead.

At home: Your folks will...

  • Not give enough importance to your advise.
  • Obviously take you for granted on almost all occasions(as if you don't exist).
  • You will end up "trying" to make everyone happy and in-turn get "nothing".

Be cautious, avoid being over-polite.