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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Money Saved Is Money Earned

When I was young one of my mentor told me : Money saved is money earned. Those days I was a college pass out and had just started to earn. Obviously, I was not keen on saving or rather not mature enough to understand what he exactly meant by saying that saving is earning. Now, that time has passed and I have been earning money through my job for almost 12 years, I have finally realized that it was a great thought of wisdom and I should have actually paid lot of attention to it much earlier in my life and focused on saving money and should have been careful with unnecessary spending.

In general most of us are raised in such an environment where we get conditioned to spend money to buy certain product or service. Yes, most of these products and services are required for our day to day life. But our upbringing doesn't teach us to think logically before we spend so with the spending culture and environment we end up purchasing or spending money on things that we actually don't need at all.

For example:

The Shopping Mall Culture:
Encouraging or rather trapping you to spend on things that you don't need, just think how many times do you end up purchasing "something" just because it is available in the shopping mall but originally it was not on your list of things to Purchase.

New Avenues for making you spend unnecessarily:
Agreed that internet, credit card, mobile services are a boon, but if you are not careful with the use of these new avenues you will end up purchasing things that are actually not required. For example, Sing tone or the tone that a caller will hear/ listen when he/ she calls you on your mobile. Think  logically, is it really logical to pay for such a service? coz at the end what really matters is the phone call conversation and not the music tone.

Rather than giving up to these avenues or spending. Let us start and focus on increasing our income by having additional income sources and making investments.

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