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Sunday, January 22, 2017

How The Power Of 1000 Active Social Media Contacts Can Work Wonders For You?

The power of 1000.

I read somewhere that in the information age driven by social media if you have 1000 'active' genuine contacts/ followers/ fans then a lot of good things happen to you automatically.

Here are some of those good things:

1. All the top trending content liked, upvoted or shared by your contacts on various social media sites is delivered in your feed. This ensures that you are always updated with the latest business and technology trends.

2. You are updated with the latest happenings around the world because your contacts are active on social media. There is hardly any need for you to watch TV News.

3. Your contacts like, upvote or share your content with their network which helps you build your personal brand. You reach increases exponentially.

4. You get to know of hobby groups and communities on social media followed by your contacts and this in turn expands your own reach and enables to you reach millions of like-minded people around the globe.

5. Last but not the least there are some tangible benefits as well. Some examples include: You get to know the latest job openings of your interest or if you are an artist you get to know of the latest events or concerts happening in your area or online. You can also create your own content and promote or sell it on social media through your contacts.

To start with I didn't completely believe in this concept of having 1000 genuine contacts, but I still found it interesting enough to explore and see if works. I looked at my social media contact list. It looked somewhat like this: Facebook around 320 friends, LinkedIn around 180 contacts, Quora around 380 followers.

I then decided to grow my network and that is when I found how difficult it is to add 1000 contacts on social media. Forget about 1000 I struggled to get 500 contacts on Facebook. I realized one primary reason why I struggled on Facebook is that I don't have 500 contacts in my real life and that is why I can't have 500 friends on Facebook. 

I also realized that similar to Facebook each social media website has a niche or unique purpose and I will be only successful if I follow or master that niche. For example:

  • I will be able to increase my followers on Quora only when I write quality answers
  • I will be successful on LinkedIn only if I am professionally active
  • I will be popular on Instagram only if I post quality pictures

After I had figured that out I started afresh on my mission to grow my network. Today, I have 540 Facebook friends, 458 LinkedIn contacts and over 975 followers on Quora.

Did I reap any tangible benefits? No, not yet. But I realized that I have started to see a lot of quality information flow in my feed not just because a lot of people follow me but because I follow a lot of good people and in the process I have subscribed to a lot of good topics/ forums and blogs. I directly get the mind share of top CEOs, CIOs, authors and thinkers. This helps me grow personally as well as professionally.

I am still far away from following or adding 1000 people to my social network but I see real value in doing so. And mind you the goal is not to add 1000 random contacts, the goal is to add 1000 'active' genuine people who can add value. Becasue a lot of people are dormant or passive users the task of adding 1000 'active' users is not at all easy. In order to find those 1000 people one may need to add 10,000 people or more but as long as you believe in the power of networking this is not an impossible task.

At the core of this theory of having 1000 contacts on social media is the habit of reading good content. If you are eager to learn new things and if you want access to best of the content then the social media can play a very vital role. The pace at which technology is changing you never know how the power of your social network may work wonders for you. All you need is the focus, perseverance and belief. Hence, I believe in the power of 1000, do you?

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