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Monday, January 23, 2017

10 Effective Ways To Pass Time At Workplace When Your Boss Is Not Looking

Your boss is not around and you have some free time at work and not sure what to do? Here are few suggestions that you may want to follow:
  • Number one habit to follow during your free time is to read good content. It doesn't matter whether you read books or online articles or newspaper or magazines, but as long as you are reading stuff you are growing your knowledge and that is what matters the most.
  • Create new contacts. Get to know more and more people. This is the most under-rated thing but comes in handy in the time of need. Target to make 50 or 100 new contacts every month at your workplace. These may be your customers, colleagues, user groups, peers, superiors etc. Create a decent goal for yourself and work towards it. It works wonders in the long run. You may also want to read: The Power of 1000 active contacts on Social Media
  • Identify 2–3 things that you want to learn. Also identify the resources, reading material, free webinars, videos etc. that will help you learn those 2–3 things. As soon as you get some free time at work divert your attention and focus on learning. This is the best you could do rather than gossip or chit chat.
  • Next best thing is to invest time in updating your CV, updating your LinkedIn profile and sharing it with the job consultants. This will help you remain up to date. You may also consider appearing for job interviews even if you don't want to change your job. This will give you some real practice and clear idea of how the current job market is trending.
  • Subscribe to online hobby groups, forums and blogs. This will automatically send lot of good stuff in your inbox which you can read as per your convenience. This is one time effort which proves very beneficial. You may also want to configure aggregator apps like Flipboard to keep you updated on the current trends.
  • Attend trainings/ workshops. Based on the time available find out which trainings you want to attend. This will help you remain in touch with the latest tools, technology and processes.
  • Devote some time for social causes. You may want to join your corporate social group and help the community.
  • Participate in the extra-curricular events organized by HR. This is a wonderful way to socialize with people and spend some quality time on company/ team events.
  • Last but not the least, use your free time to organize yourself. Plan the activities for next few months or years. This will help you to be disciplined.

If you control your free time then you can practically add lot of value to yourself. Take a pause and look at your schedule, get rid of those gossips and water cooler chit chats, these are not the best ways to pass time at work. Avoid that extra coffee break and get organized. There is a lot that can be done by small adjustments, it is just a matter of getting disciplined. Try it now because Time and tide wait for no one.

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