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Monday, June 23, 2014

Oracle 11i to Oracle R12 Upgrade

If you are planning to Upgrade your Oracle 11i system to Oracle R12, here are few key considerations that should be uncovered in the assessment phase:

1 - Hardware : What is the current hardware configuration? Will the current hardware support Oracle R12? If not, what is the hardware requirement for Oracle R12?

2 - Infrastructure : Other than the hardware you need to make sure you have the right Operating System, Memory and other servers configurations to host the Oracle R12 system.

3 - Database : Before you move to the Oracle Apps upgrade from 11i to R12, you need to make sure you understand whether your Database requires upgrade. For example, moving from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11gm, moving from Non RAC to RAC model and moving from Non OATM to OATM etc

4 - Oracle Apps : When you upgrade from Oracle 11i to Oracle R12 make sure you ascertain the exact R12 version on which you want to move, for example, Oracle R12.1.3 or Oracle R12.2.

5 - Business Process : Understand what are the demands of your business process, whether you want to move your existing customization from Oracle 11i to Oracle R12 as is or whether you want to analyze whether any R12 new features will eliminate your existing customizations.

6 - Demo for Business Community : Movement from Oracle 11i to Oracle R12 will be big change for your business community so you need to make sure that they understand the changes in the User Interface as well as the changes in the functionality. A demonstration of Oracle R12 new features will come in handy to get business approval for the upgrade.