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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Useful Tips to Buy a Used Car in USA

What are the key considerations to buy a used car in USA ?

(read : What all things do you need to consider when you are new to USA and you need to buy a used car)

Following is some gyan which I acquired when I was going through the drill :

- We should prefer Honda, Toyota, Nissan.

- Mileage should preferably be less than 100K.

- Clean Title(Obviously).

- KBB value matters.

- You got to take it to a mechanic to ensure everything is okay at a high level.

- You need to pay certain % amount to DMV based on the buying price, so if you buy the car for 8K USD then you should think of showing it as 3K USD so that you can save some money. Remember to talk to the seller on this point before you sign the deal.

- Seller doesn't need to be present in person at DMV for the transfer or ownership. Seller just needs to sign the document and give it to the buyer. The buyer needs to go to DMV with required document.

- You should buy and activate your car insurance on the day on which you take ownership of the car in your name.

- You don't need a driver's license to buy a car insurance. However, if you don't have a license then the insurance premium will be on the higher side.

- If you are ready to buy start hunting on craigslist

- Also ensure to run a carfax report to check that the title is clean.

These were the points on top of my head, please add your suggestions.

Hope this helps.