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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tatkal Passport for Minor

This is based on my experience of November 2011 - Minor's TATKAL Passport @ Pune Passport Office.

 If you thought getting a tatkal passport is a BIG deal then you are wrong. You can easily get your tatkal passport on your own, that is, without engaging any travel agent.

Here are my suggestions for getting Tatkal Passport for Minor:

Documents Required :

(a) Birth Certificate of the Minor - Ensure that the name is correctly spelled on the birth certificate.

(b) Residential/ Address proof of the parent(father or mother or both) - You have to prove that you are staying at the current address since a year (or more). If you are not staying at the current address for more than a year then you need to give address proof of the previous residences (where you have stayed during the last one year). You can provide (any two) :
(1) Electricity Bills ( for example : Electricity Bills of Oct 2010 and Nov 2011 )
(2) A letter from your company confirming your residential address
(3) Your bank account statement of last one year (displaying your address)

(c) Passport of Parents (either or both). If you dont have one then first apply for it and then mention the file number of your passport application in your Minor's passport application. Having a passport is not a must but if you have it or apply for it then it will speed up the processing.

(d) Annexure H : This is a declaration from the parents on a plain paper. You can get the format from the passport website. No need to get it notarized.

(e) For TATKAL : You either need Annexure 'F' or you need the following 3 document proofs out of the 14 documents listed on the passport website and Annexure 'I' which should be notarized. In my case, I provided the following :
(1) PAN card
(2) Driving License
(3) Index II (property deal registration proof)
(4) Annexure 'I' - This should be in the format provided at the passport website. It is a declaration by the applicant and should be notarized. It should have photographs of the applicant and parents.


(a) Include your marriage certificate.
(b) If mother's name on the passport is the maiden name (that is, the name before marriage) but the minor's birth certificate has her new name then in the passport application for the minor you will still need to give the same name as on her passport (dont use her new name anywhere in the application for minor's passport).
(c) Register online at least two days ahead of the day when you want to submit the application.
(d) Reach the passport office at 9 AM or 9.30 AM coz there is a queue, even if you have registered online the time of appointment doesnt matter (it is first come first serve).
(e) All xerox copies should be self attested.

Also, refer minor passport annexure h on

Intention is that you don't have to visit a travel agent to get Tatkal Passport for Minor. You can do it on your own.