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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Attitude Of Lucky People - I Would Rather Regret Things That I Have Done Than The Things That I Have Not Done

Satya Narayan Nadella was named CEO of Microsoft in 2014. In a letter to all Microsoft employees, he said, 'Many who know me say that I am deifned by my curiosity and thirst for learning. I buy more books than I can finish. I sign up for more online courses than I can complete. I fundamentally believe that if you are not learning new things, you stop doing great and useful things.' This is how successful people make their luck. This is the fundamental attitude of lucky people. Their focus to learn new things increases the number of opportunities that come in their journey of life.

Taking inspiration from the above, I am sharing some of the things that I tried in last few years. These are examples of small things where I have tried to develop the attitude to 'do more'.

1. I had a good job, but still few years ago I asked myself what more can I do? Looked at the options and started with trainings. Within few years I got good hold over Oracle trainings and earned a good name as a corporate trainer within the company.
2. After few years, I asked myself the same question, what more can I do? Looked at the options and started my own blog The Tomorrow Beckons, published one article after another and today I have 148 article published on my blog with over 275982 pageviews. My movie review blog YourWeekendMovie also got a comment from the Kahaani 2 director Sujoy Ghosh.

3. The clock ticked, I moved on and yes in few years I asked the same question again, what more can I do? This time the opportunity came in the form of Toastmasters Club. I joined the club as a member and within a year got elected as President of the club.
4. While all of this was happening I started to contribure on Quora and till date I have some 808 Answers, 38 questions, 29 questions resulting in…

Now, I know that by no stretch of imagination these things can be considered on a yardstick for success but the point I am trying to make is how the attitude to do more has taken me into territories I never imagined I could venture into. I strongly believe if you think you are successful and have achieved a lot and that you don’t want to do anything more then it may just be the beginning of your downfall.
Lot of talented people don’t succeed either because they are laid back or because they are a victim of self doubt and fear. Developing an attitude to do more or newer things may help you achieve a lot more than you could have ever imagined. 
I will leave you with these two quotes…
Hope this helps you get out of your comfort zone.