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Saturday, March 25, 2017

How 43 Dislikes Earned Me $24.24 Of Passive Income On YouTube?

I posted my first and probably my worst YouTube video on 14th Feb 2016 that is on Valentine's Day last year. It had nothing to do with Valentine's Day.

Here is that video...

As of today, 3/25/2017, this video has over 38,689 views, that is, some 65,468 minutes of watch time, 98 Likes and 23 Dislikes resulting in $13.69 of revenue. If you do the math you would know that it took around 2800 views to earn $1. So if this video gets 2800 per day then it can generate $1 per day, that is, around Rs. 65 per day, equivalent to Rs. 1950/- per month. Wow, that is a good amount considering that it has 23 dislikes and rightly so because I consider it as my worst video till date. 

Now, let us just imagine if I have 10 such videos. The revenue generated would be 10 times, that is $10 per day or $300 per month. In India it would be Rs. 19,500/- per month. This is a great amount of money.

But the fact of the matter is that my video didn't get 38K views at the rate of 2800 views per day. The rate was a lot slower, it was somewhere around 100 views per day. So the math done above is valid but the rate at which the revenue is generated depends a lot on the rate at which the video is being watched. Of course search engine optimization and promotion on social media makes a lot of difference.

One more fact is that not every video that we prepare may get even 100 views per day, some of the videos don't get any views at all and some may just get 10 or 15 or 100 views in their entire lifetime. Such videos don't generate any revenue. 

So what should be done? 

Simple solution is to prepare 10x videos, that is, prepare 10 times more videos than what you think you need to achieve around 3000 views per day. Rough calculation goes like this, 1 video gets 100 views per day then you need 30 videos to get 3000 views per day. But in order to create those 30 successful videos you may need to actually create 10 times more videos, that is, total 300 videos. Wohoooooo, creating 300 videos is a lot of work. Isn't it? Indeed, it is a lot of work but remember it is just one time effort, if you are able to do it once then the same video gets you continuous revenue for your lifetime. This is a great example of passive income generation.

Before I leave, here are some of my successful videos along with some statistics of how they have performed.

Coconut Shell Toy, created at home, best out of waste: 38179 views, 44709 minutes watch time, 103 Likes and 12 Dislikes. $6.95 and counting.

Eggless Condensed Milk Cake Recipe, 5170 views, 11293 minutes of watch time 19 Likes and 4 Dislikes. $2.20 and counting.

I hope by now you have realized that it is NOT just the number of view counts that generates the revenue, what also matters is the watch time or the number of minutes your video has been watched. The geographical region from where it is being watched also matters a lot. So if in my example I had to get roughly 2800 views to earn $1 then it may not be true for others, some people make the same amount in comparatively lesser number of views and few others may even take a lot more than 2800. The data shared above is just my example for your reference purpose, there is no guarantee that it would work for you in the same exact way that it worked for me.

This directly relates to the quality of the content in the video. If your content is good there is no looking back.

Oh but wait, I didn't tell you yet how the revenue is generated? It is pretty simple, you generate the revenue by signing up for the Google Adsense Program. Through this program you allow Google to show advertisements on your YouTube videos and in return Google pays you a certain share of the revenue gathered from the advertisers. Google has an eligibility criteria and specific guidelines for registering publishers on its Adsense program. You may want to visit Google Adsense website to learn more. 

There are many more ways to generate revenue by creating video content. One such example is  Lorecart - LEARN EVERYTHING ONLINE, this platform provides you the ability to upload your own videos and sell them online.

To summarize, it doesn't matter whether you are a chef or a mechanic or a teacher or a home maker or a beautician or a techie or a management professional. Opportunity is equal for all of us. If you are ready to put that little extra effort then you can make the most of Video sharing technology and The Internet sitting at your home.

I hope you find this helpful, if you have any queries, feel free to post a comment and I shall respond with details.