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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Should You Learn From Donald Trump's Historic Victory And Demonetization Of Indian Currency?

November 8th 2016 will be remembered for two big happenings in the history of United States and India.

1. Donald John Trump's upset of Hillary Clinton in the United States presidential elections
2. Demonetization of Indian Currency as the Indian government declared the scraping of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes effective midnight of Nov 8th and Nov 9th 2016.

There is no doubt that these events will have a long term impact, not only in United States and India but also in other global markets. Common man around the world is shell shocked and puzzled, primarily because most people didn't see it coming. 

But when slowly the reality sinks in, you start realizing that there were cues and signals all around. It is just that we kept ignoring the cues until it became a huge reality.

Here are those cues...

In United States:

  • Experts thought that Trump lacked in experience but they ignored the sentiment that Common Man wanted Change. Hillary who was already a part of the Obama administration and was not seen as an agent of Change.
  • Hillary was cheered as the first female president and the experts projected her as a symbol of Women leadership but they ignored the sentiments of the working class Americans who had other ideas
  • Trump made debatable comments on H-1B visas, his plans to build a wall to avoid illegal immigrants from Mexico, countering terrorism in his own way and reforming the tax laws etc. Most people thought that his talks were not realistic but he was successful in making a connect with the common American Man. He was seen as a leader who could revive the American Dream rather than one who would focus on making America a global moral cop.

Impact: Some people have no idea what to do, they are just in a mode of panic and looking for options to migrate to another country.

In India:

  • In 2014, Modi Government first started with a campaign to create at least one Bank account per family
  • Linked Bank accounts with Aadhar Card, PAN Card and Income Tax Return
  • Strengthened the IT backbone with various tools for collection and data mining
  • Then they followed it by Income declaration scheme and provided an opportunity to convert black money into white money by paying taxes
  • Finally surprised everyone with a bold move and scrapped the old currency notes

Impact: All the black money/ dirty hard cash has all of a sudden become waste paper. Those who had millions are now scratching their head. They have no idea what just hit them.

After reading these details are you able identify what is common between these two historic incidents and what is the learning for you? The learning is in this phrase: God is in the details or Devil is in the details, if you look closely at the details you will see signs and hints of the 'BIG CHANGE' coming your way.

Let me elaborate with one more example:
Suppose you have an online e-commerce business and your website ranks at #1 in the first page of google search results. What else would you ask for: Thanks to the perfect SEO(Search Engine Optimization) customers and users would automatically get routed to your website through google search.

Now imagine one morning all of a sudden google comes up with a change in its SEO algorithm, they call it Google Panda or Google Penguin or Google Pigeon and because of this algorithm change your website does not appear on the google search engine results anymore. As a result you lose all the incoming traffic from google and your revenues drops overnight.

This has happened to many websites in the past who have failed to notice the small cues/ signals(Press releases/ Newsletters/ Bootcamps/ Policy Changes) given by Google regarding the change they are bringing in their search algorithms.

This is an example of what could happen if are not reading the signs/ changes happening around you, be it your business or be it in your society. Over time, small waves of change turn into big tornados and cause very very severe impact on your business and your personal life.

Keep your eyes and ears open, don't just look but observe, and don't just hear but pay attention. God is in the details.