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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why Are Some People Smarter Than Others?

Why Are Some People Smarter Than Others?

This questions pops up every now and then, why are some people smarter than others? or in other words why are some people able to get the job done sooner than others? or why are some people able to get away with certain tricky situations while others can't?

The reason why this happens is because of several things that smart people do which others don't and moreover the manner in which they do things differently also matters a lot.

Here are few key differentiators that have immense impact on turning you from regular to smart: 

Smart people have  

  • Ability to apply tact sensitivity in tricky situations
  • Great ability to communicate both verbally and in written. Not just that, they also have the ability to listen, they know whom to listen to and when NOT to speak unless asked for
  • Skills to reason and apply logic while solving problems. They can divide a BIG problem into logical units and apply an organized approach to reach a solution
  • Immense ability to keep emotions out of business decisions, they keep anger, hatred, love etc. outside of business engagements
  • Ability to begin with the end in mind. Great focus on their future and know exactly what to do to reach there with a goal oriented approach
  • Willingness to learn from mistakes made by others. They have great power to learn by observing others.
  • Habit of reading good, positive books. 
  • Habit of watching great videos.
  • Ability to work hard and have commonsense to understand that practice makes man perfect!

Smart people gives themselves time, they are not in a hurry to succeed, they are not impatient. They understand that there is no shortcut to success. They have the confidence in their skills and readiness to work hard day and night. They don't second guess themselves. They just DO it. They never give up!

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