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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

25 Amazing Air Travel Tips

Selecting your flight

  • Pick the airline that provides service to the cities you visit frequently. Be loyal to this airline. Even when you get some deals here and there, stick to the one you chose wisely. Being loyal will make you a frequent flier and in the long run churn benefits like, excellent customer service, free food or drinks, use of airport lounges, better deals on cancellation etc. Make sure you sign up for the frequent flier or rewards program.
  • Note the trends of the flights, avoid flights with consistent delays. Make sure you are well aware of the local times if you are traveling international. Plan for your food options well in advance.

Sign up for the TSA precheck/ Global Entry

  • TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. TSA Pre is a program for expediting the security screening process. You need to sign up for it and it requires a fees. If you are eligible it verifies your status as a low-risk traveler, and the program allows you to expedite security screening every time you fly. Advantages are you do not need to remove your shoes, laptops, belts, 3-1-1 liquids, light jackets while going through the security check. Global Entry has the same benefits and also provides expedited Customs and Border Control screening for international travel.

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Packing your bags

  • Selecting the right bags is the first important step. Every airline website has the details of the bag sizes and the maximum weight allowed per bag. Make sure you select the right bags.
  • Check your backage allowance before the flight. Especially if you have connecting flights with different airlines. 
  • Pack your essentials for the airport, for example, empty water bottle, mobile and computer/ laptop chargers, handkerchiefs, socks etc. Create your own list and use it every time you travel.
  • For international travel: Try to travel light, don't keep too many things in your hand luggage. If you have too much of stuff for your check-in you may also want to consider shipping it via Fedex because at times it is cost effective.
  • For Domestic travel: Try and avoid checking in the luggage, it will save you a lot of time if you can accommodate most stuff in your hand luggage and avoid check-in luggage.

Important details

  • Download your ebooks while you are at home, don't wait till the last minute to download it at the airport. Use applications like 'Pocket' to save all your internet reading material offline.
  • Be sure to check-in online as soon as possible, most of the time it is 24 hours before the journey.
  • Check if you can use your airline's mobile app for the boarding pass.
  • Luggage tags: You may use "return me" luggage tags, these help your bags find way back home in case you lost them. 
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  • They can also be used with the LED illuminated motion sensitive Luggage Tag holder. It helps you identify your bag as soon as it is on the baggage carousel.
  • Before going to the airport or before the security check- transfer all your money, cards and keys into a pocket of your hand luggage or into your coat/ jacket. This way you don't need to put everything in the plastic tray. Similarly after going through security, be aware of pick pockets and thieves.

Other Hacks

  • Always ask for free upgrade, there is nothing wrong in asking.
  • Have food outside the airport than inside the airport. Food at the airport is overpriced. Similarly, prefer food at the airport than buying it on the flight itself.
  • Don't use the first rest room as soon as you get out of the flight after landing, most likely it will be over crowded.
  • Pick the security line that's all the way to the left. Since most folks are right-handed, studies show that lots of people naturally veer to the right when choosing a security checkpoint line, leaving fewer people on the left. Also, pick a line that has business men and women because they generally know the protocols due to frequent travel while family, kids, tourists may take more time to pass through the security check process.
  • Take a screenshot of your mobile app boarding pass. In case the app crashes, you can use the screenshot.
  • Drink a lot of water before the flight, and one cup of water per hour on the flight. If you drink that much of water prefer to sit on the aisle seat. Skip tea or coffee.
  • Carry moisturizer for your hands and face. Also use lip balms, if needed.
  • Always recline slowly to avoid crashing into someone's head or laptop. Look behind before reclining your chair.
  • Be careful while opening the luggage bins on the top, some bags might have shifted position while the flight was in motion.
  • While in the coach, request to move to an emergency seat after takeoff or when the boarding is over.
  • Count the number of seats between you and an exit. It may come handy during an emergency scenario when there is a lot of chaos.

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