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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Jury Room

At some point in time, we reach a stage in life where we realize that whatever we are doing on a day to day basis to earn our daily bread is in reality not of our interest. We of course have to do it anyways because it provides the much needed job, money, comfort and serves our daily needs. But then in our subconscious mind, we always ask ourselves: Is this really that one thing that I want to do for my entire life? If yes, then good. If not, then what is that one thing that I would like to do with all my intensity. What is that one thing for which I can put everything at stake? What is that one desire? What is that one driving factor? What is my Passion?

Alright then, we now know that we need to find our passion but then the next question is: How do I find my passion? How can I find my passion? What do I need to do?

Lets find out.

As per wikipedia, Passion is:

Passion by definition is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

How would you find yours?
Here is a trick. Get yourself into "The Jury Room". This jury room is not the same jury room as shown in the TVF show TVFPitchers. This my friends is a real jury room where you will live with yourself and make your life's most significant discovery, that of discovering your passion. 
So here is what you need do to:
Confine yourself to a room/ place with no human contact. Have all the possible material available to live with comfort(that is food, grocery, internet, television etc). Be in that room/ place for continuously 21 days without any human contact. No one comes to meet you. You meet no one. No phone calls allowed.

On the 22nd day, when you walk out of that room: You would exactly know What Your Passion is v/s What Your liking, disliking and just mere interests are.

Did I try this? Yes, I did. Not in its purest form as described above, but very close to it. And definitely it was not on purpose/ planned. It just happened, it lasted for about a month and a half. 

Did I have human contact? Yes, I did but it was very very minimal. So the answer is coming from that experience. If you really want to find out your passion, you really have to spend time with yourself. In peace. 

Why 21 days? There are no hard limits but if you can push yourself into doing  something continuously for close to 21 days then you will either figure out that " it doesn't work for you, eventually you will give up" or that you like it but "not that much" or you will figure out that "Yes,  this is that one thing that I would like to do this for my entire life". That my friend is your discovery of your own passion.

Conclusion: The most critical aspect of life is to be able to earn our daily bread and to support ourselves and our family. However, in the day to day routine we should NOT forget or ignore our real talent and/ or our real passion. One needs to spend quality time with oneself in order to find out the real passion. You will stumble upon lot of opportunities in life which will seem promising, you will also find lot of things which will seem to be interesting but your real passion will be deep within your heart and soul and you will really need to dig deep within to discover it.

So, spend some quality time with yourself, get inside the Jury room and find out what is your purpose of life, dream big, start small but act NOW because the purpose of life is a life of purpose! Wish you all the best.

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