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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

4 Important Actions for Smooth Transition from IT Development Team to IT Production Support Team

- Early engagement with the development teamMake sure that the IT Production support team is engaged with the IT Development team during the development phase of the Project. Ideally during the UAT/ BAT phase the support team should be on board and should look over the shoulder of the development team to understand what issues are uncovered and addressed during the testing phase.

- Functional and Technical DocumentationMake sure that the IT Production Support team has access to all the functional and technical documentation created by the IT Development team. All documentation should be reviewed before the Knowledge Transition is kicked off so that relevant questions can be asked during the KT sessions.

- Knowledge Transition Sessions - Share the schedule/ plan in advanceKT sessions should be conducted in a global friendly time. Since global teams are based in different geographical locations we need to make sure that all key stakeholders participate in these knowledge transition sessions. Hence the schedule and plan for the KT sessions should be published well in advanced so that all key stakeholders can be made available.

- Define clear Exit Criteria and adhere to itDefine clear Exit Criteria. That is, how many Severity 1, Severity 2 issues can remain open during the transition phase. Transition from IT Development team to IT Production support team should be considered as completed only when the defined exit criteria is met completely.  Generally, it is defined but not followed.
Make sure that formal sign off is obtained.